Two cups of Vodka, half a cup of JD, and an hour later…

Pebbles: “Bambam, I’ve never been this drunk before…”
Bambam: “Well, drinking both Vodka and JD is not a good idea you know…”
Pebbles: “Bambam, I have a splitting headache…”
Bambam: “I know, try to finish this Jiguja…”
Pebbles: “Bambam, I wanna puuukee…”
Bambam: “Just let it all out dear, you’ll feel better in the morning…”
Pebbles: “Bambam, (insert your drunken ramblings here)…”


Board Hunting

Pebbles: “We should be able to find a good board around here.”

Bambam: “Yes, there’s nothing like a romantic stroll along the long, dark and narrow alley around Setiabudi backstreet.”

Pebbles: “…”

On Caring & Maturity

Pebbles: “So uhmm, what are you doing Bambam?”

Bambam: “I’m looking after the kids (at work).”

Pebbles: “You sound very papah-papah hihihihi…”

Bambam: “I am a papah.”

Pebbles: “…”