Bambam: (BB user, hates iPhone) “If someone follows you on twitter, we’re not obliged to follow back right?”

    Pebbles : (iPhone user) “Who followed you?”

    Bambam : “Dunno. But the numbers of my followers keep going up.”

    Pebbles: (iPhone user) “The new twitter app shows interaction and friend’s activity. I don’t know how you can see it on your BB, though.” *shows the twitter app on her iPhone”

    Bambam : (BB user, hates iPhone) “Oh yeah right, I can do that on the desktop computer.” *fumbles around with his BB*

    Pebbles : “Is your twitter app up to date? I can’t find the interaction here.” *fumbles around with Bambam’s BB*

    Bambam : “Yeah, it’s updated”

    Pebbles : *gives up* “Well, you know what — there’s a big difference between a SMART phone and an ALMOST smart phone.”

    Bambam: “…”


A Bad Case Of Uncharged Handphones

Pebbles: “BB-ku mati. I think I left the charger at the office.”

Bambam: “What’s wrong with your other phone? I called you so many times!”

Pebbles: “Tadi mati juga. Ini baru aku charge.”

Bambam: “This is why you should have a home charger and a travel charger. If you forgot to unplug the other charger, you can still plug-in and charge your handphones with the other one. So if you forgot your charger somewhere, you can still charge your phones at home… Blah blah blah… or else, you’re gonna have a bad case of uncharged handphones.”

Pebbles: “Whaaa…? A Bad Case of Uncharged Handphones? What kind of line is that?” *starts laughing on the floor*

Bambam: “Well, it’s really a bad case… if you can’t charge your phones.”

Pebbles: “It sounds like a very scaaaaarrry disease.” *giggles*

Bambam: “…”

Beanie Museum

Bambam: “You know that the beanie is my trademark, right?”

Pebbles: “Yeah, so?”

Bambam: “Sooo…”

Pebbles: “I don’t like it. It doesn’t suit you at all.”

Bambam: “But my image is grunge and rock.”

Pebbles: “But you’re not in your 20s anymore.”

Bambam: “But I have so many beanies.”

Pebbles: “Look, the Beanie is YOU before 2012. Now, why don’t you collect all your beanies and .. and… uhm… just put them all in a Beanie Museum?”

Bambam: “A Beanie Museum?! There’s no such thing!”

Pebbles: “There is now.”

Is this me or you?

Pebbles: “You smell nice!” *sniffs around*

Bambam: “Yeah? Thanks.”

Pebbles: “Oh wait… *sniff sniff* is this me or you?”

Bambam: “Ha.”

Pembantu vs. Cowok

Pebbles: “Lebih susah nyari pembantu dari pada cowok.”

Bambam: “…”

The Perfume Wisdom No.1

Pebbles: “Why don’t you put on more perfume?”

Bambam: “Yeah, sure. I’ll put on some more. Maybe a lot more.”

Pebbles: “But not too much, I don’t want people sniffing you up.”

Bambam: “Well, I don’t want people sniffing me up either; what am I? A dog?”