Bambam: (BB user, hates iPhone) “If someone follows you on twitter, we’re not obliged to follow back right?”

    Pebbles : (iPhone user) “Who followed you?”

    Bambam : “Dunno. But the numbers of my followers keep going up.”

    Pebbles: (iPhone user) “The new twitter app shows interaction and friend’s activity. I don’t know how you can see it on your BB, though.” *shows the twitter app on her iPhone”

    Bambam : (BB user, hates iPhone) “Oh yeah right, I can do that on the desktop computer.” *fumbles around with his BB*

    Pebbles : “Is your twitter app up to date? I can’t find the interaction here.” *fumbles around with Bambam’s BB*

    Bambam : “Yeah, it’s updated”

    Pebbles : *gives up* “Well, you know what — there’s a big difference between a SMART phone and an ALMOST smart phone.”

    Bambam: “…”


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