A Bad Case Of Uncharged Handphones

Pebbles: “BB-ku mati. I think I left the charger at the office.”

Bambam: “What’s wrong with your other phone? I called you so many times!”

Pebbles: “Tadi mati juga. Ini baru aku charge.”

Bambam: “This is why you should have a home charger and a travel charger. If you forgot to unplug the other charger, you can still plug-in and charge your handphones with the other one. So if you forgot your charger somewhere, you can still charge your phones at home… Blah blah blah… or else, you’re gonna have a bad case of uncharged handphones.”

Pebbles: “Whaaa…? A Bad Case of Uncharged Handphones? What kind of line is that?” *starts laughing on the floor*

Bambam: “Well, it’s really a bad case… if you can’t charge your phones.”

Pebbles: “It sounds like a very scaaaaarrry disease.” *giggles*

Bambam: “…”


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