Pet Names 2.0

Bambam: “Neko! Cat in Japanese.”

Pebbles: “Sounds Javanese. Ra neko-neko.”

Bambam: “Nekkie?”

Pebbles: “No.”

Bambam: “Koneko. Kitten.”

Pebbles: “Konak-O. No.”

Bambam: “Shishi. That’s perfect!”

Pebbles: “Sounds like someone I know. No.”

Bambam: “Kawaii. Means pretty.”

Pebbles: “No.”

Bambam: ” Myou.”

Pebbles: “No.”

Bambam: “Flacita. Prounounced ‘Flakita’. Spanish.”

Pebbles: “And you’re gonna call me Flaky for short? No.”

Bambam: “Bebe. Baby in Spanish.”

Pebbles: “I prefer Louis Vuitton.”

Bambam: “Gato. Cat.”

Pebbles: “Doesn’t sound cute. No.”

Bambam: “Gatito. Kitten.”

Pebbles: “No.”

Bambam: “Gatita. Female Kitten.”

Pebbles: “No.”

Pebbles: “You’re really bad at this.”

Bambam: “Well, I’ll call you ‘babydoll’ until I find a better one.”

Pebbles: “I like ‘babydoll’. Just call me that.”

Bambam: “No. I want to give you a PET NAME.”

Pebbles: “…”


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Random Babbles.

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