Board Hunting

Pebbles: “We should be able to find a good board around here.”

Bambam: “Yes, there’s nothing like a romantic stroll along the long, dark and narrow alley around Setiabudi backstreet.”

Pebbles: “…”


On Caring & Maturity

Pebbles: “So uhmm, what are you doing Bambam?”

Bambam: “I’m looking after the kids (at work).”

Pebbles: “You sound very papah-papah hihihihi…”

Bambam: “I am a papah.”

Pebbles: “…”

BBM Snippet: Sound More Caring

BBM Snippet.

Bambam: Hi, babydoll.

Pebbles: Hey, what’s up?

Bambam: “Hey, whats up?” ?! Huh. You sound like a guy.

Pebbles: What do you mean?

Bambam: Can’t you sound more caring?

Pebbles: Errr….

Beanie Museum

Bambam: “You know that the beanie is my trademark, right?”

Pebbles: “Yeah, so?”

Bambam: “Sooo…”

Pebbles: “I don’t like it. It doesn’t suit you at all.”

Bambam: “But my image is grunge and rock.”

Pebbles: “But you’re not in your 20s anymore.”

Bambam: “But I have so many beanies.”

Pebbles: “Look, the Beanie is YOU before 2012. Now, why don’t you collect all your beanies and .. and… uhm… just put them all in a Beanie Museum?”

Bambam: “A Beanie Museum?! There’s no such thing!”

Pebbles: “There is now.”

Pet Names 2.0

Bambam: “Neko! Cat in Japanese.”

Pebbles: “Sounds Javanese. Ra neko-neko.”

Bambam: “Nekkie?”

Pebbles: “No.”

Bambam: “Koneko. Kitten.”

Pebbles: “Konak-O. No.”

Bambam: “Shishi. That’s perfect!”

Pebbles: “Sounds like someone I know. No.”

Bambam: “Kawaii. Means pretty.”

Pebbles: “No.”

Bambam: ” Myou.”

Pebbles: “No.”

Bambam: “Flacita. Prounounced ‘Flakita’. Spanish.”

Pebbles: “And you’re gonna call me Flaky for short? No.”

Bambam: “Bebe. Baby in Spanish.”

Pebbles: “I prefer Louis Vuitton.”

Bambam: “Gato. Cat.”

Pebbles: “Doesn’t sound cute. No.”

Bambam: “Gatito. Kitten.”

Pebbles: “No.”

Bambam: “Gatita. Female Kitten.”

Pebbles: “No.”

Pebbles: “You’re really bad at this.”

Bambam: “Well, I’ll call you ‘babydoll’ until I find a better one.”

Pebbles: “I like ‘babydoll’. Just call me that.”

Bambam: “No. I want to give you a PET NAME.”

Pebbles: “…”

Pet Names 1.0

Bambam: “Alijong. That’s my pet name for you.”

Pebbles: “WTF?!”

Bambam: “It sounds cute. A-lee-jyooong *french style*

Pebbles: “Seriously?!?! What does it stand for? A___ Najong?”

Bambam: “Huh? I didn’t mean it like that…”

Pebbles: “I hate it. Find another name.”

Bambam: “OK.”

Bambam: “How about Pookie?”

Pebbles: “…”

Is this me or you?

Pebbles: “You smell nice!” *sniffs around*

Bambam: “Yeah? Thanks.”

Pebbles: “Oh wait… *sniff sniff* is this me or you?”

Bambam: “Ha.”

Pembantu vs. Cowok

Pebbles: “Lebih susah nyari pembantu dari pada cowok.”

Bambam: “…”

The Perfume Wisdom No.1

Pebbles: “Why don’t you put on more perfume?”

Bambam: “Yeah, sure. I’ll put on some more. Maybe a lot more.”

Pebbles: “But not too much, I don’t want people sniffing you up.”

Bambam: “Well, I don’t want people sniffing me up either; what am I? A dog?”